Our Story about Suicide Prevention and Support Network Western SydneyA forum was held on October 30th 2008 for families and interested community members bereaved by suicide in Western Sydney.This was the initiative of Genean Beetson from Simplicity Funerals, to raise awareness of suicide prevention programs and support networks for those who had lost a loved one to suicide.

Mrs Beetson had noticed an increase in suicide-related deaths coming into the funeral home and knows how difficult it is to describe the emotion one feels when sitting with families who have lost someone to suicide.

She was inspired by the number of people who attended the forum and by the number of people who left their names, willing to participate in a support group being set up in Penrith.

Her vision was to have the community to come together and form a support group for bereaved families. She also felt it important that there is support for those dealing with someone who is suicidal.

A group of dedicated people have been working since that first meeting back in 2008, much work and research has been carried out and the group remains strong and determined to make a difference in Western Sydney for people effected by suicide and to offer support for those struggling suicide thoughts.