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What helps to prevent suicide in men?

HREC Approval No 13077 THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES AND BLACK DOG INSTITUTE RESEARCH STUDY “What helps prevent suicidal behaviours in men?” Depression and suicide are major problems in men Suicide is the most common cause of death in Australians aged 15-44 years. It is more common than deaths from motor vehicle accidents or […]

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Suicide: Silence Has Deadly Results

Suicide: Silence Has Deadly Results What’s one of the biggest contributing factors to suicide? Silence. For people contemplating ending their life, suicide may seem like the only option available if they are unable to open up and talk about the issues contributing to their feelings of despair and hopelessness. Friends and loved ones who are […]

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Suicide Prevention For Teens

Suicide Prevention For Teens Teen suicide devastates family and communities causing feelings of pain, guilt and unanswered questions in those left behind. Suicide prevention efforts aimed at young people can save lives and spare family and friends the heartbreak of coping with the aftermath of an avoidable tragedy. In Australia, suicide claims nearly as many […]

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