What is Hope For Life?

We were lucky enough to have Alan Staines, the head of the Salvation Army Hope For Life program come and speak to us at our monthly meeting last month to tell us a little more about the program.

Hope for Life Suicide Prevention & Bereavement Support provides information, resources and training for those that support people who are at risk of suicide or have lost a loved one to suicide.

This is a website that provides free training. Do you have an hour to spare? You can complete the training in about an hour and learn how to speak to those who may be at risk of suicide. Before you disregard this, the risk may be closer than you think.

With questioning that start like “Are you thinking about harming yourself” the website is a free, community based approach that is suitable for people from all walks of life. It helps you to question, persuade and reflect when you are speaking to people who may be at risk.

The Salvos want to do more to help those people who are bereaved by suicide, and they have not only free training but also free membership for those who have been bereaved by suicide.

There are a few things that the program is going to be focusing on; indigenous issues are going to be a focus of their programs, helping existing bereavement groups and support groups establish their support services and focus on helping those who are bereaved by suicide. The focus is on stopping the families bereaved by suicide to stop falling through the cracks and to have access to more help and support than they currently receive.

Hope for Life is partnered with the police and is working to help both prevent suicide and also to care for the well being of those who are bereaved by suicide.

If you would like to know more, go to their website by clicking HERE



For those that support people who are at risk of suicide or have lost a loved one to suicide

Telephone – 02 9356 2120


Email – admin.hopeforlife@aue.salvationarmy.org