Beth Maree Fehon

07/05/1988 – 12/02/2005

Beth was born in the bicentennial year of our country, these babies were called “Bicentennial Babies”. She was a very shy child, she took a while to warm to people and the environment she was in. She didn’t want to go to pre-school so her younger brother Jake agreed to go with her. Once she started school she gradually came out of her shell, but she was still basically shy. Even in high school she would send Jake to the canteen for her. Most people didn’t see this side of Beth, to all her friends and teachers she was an outgoing popular girl. She had a way of making me smile, she had a very happy cheery attitude that she portrayed to the world. My happiest memory of her is her sliding down the hallway in her socks, stopping at the end to make some funny comment. She was our joker and our bright shining light.

When she took her own life in February 2005 our world changed forever. In fact it felt like it stopped for a long time. What followed was months of desperate searching for an answer to that elusive unanswerable question – Why? That question was never answered and no doubt never will. I have come to the conclusion that there is no answer. I doubt Beth even really knew why.

Depression is an illness and all too often it’s fatal.

What got me through this? My faith in God and my belief that he does all things for the good of his people. That may sound contradictory if you don’t believe in God. My favorite bible passage is Hebrews 11 v1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” That’s the best way I can describe why I believe. Now 8 years on in 2013 we are once again “happy” we still miss our darling girl every day. But I know that our time in this world is just a speck compared with eternity with God (and Beth).

A friend recently sent me this – and I love it, it sums up my belief in Jesus;

“The day I die, my ears will no longer hear, my eyes will no longer see, my heart will be silent. Yet this will be the day that I will see and hear like no other. My heart will be alive, caught up in heaven and for the rest of eternity I will sit in wonder as Jesus says; all is forgiven. Death where is your sting?”

Trish & Peter Fehon