What is the Suicide Call Back Service?

Suicide Call Back Service – Help Is At Hand

This is a service which is provided in Australia, 24 hours a day nationwide. The call back service offers telephone and online counselling to people who are over the age of 15 and who fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • people who are suicidal
  • people who are caring for someone who is suicidal
  • people who are bereaved by suicide
  • health professionals who are supporting people affected by suicide

If you are emotionally or geographically isolated you may find the suicide call back service particularly helpful.

People who are suicidal 1300 659 467

Sometimes people call the service who are at risk of suicide and feel that they have little professional support. your online or telephone counsellor will provide you with the support you need to keep yourself safe, and they can also link you to other, local support services. You may find that calling the suicide call back service helps you find the help and support that you need.

1422484_689753271083464_8910228997290406134_nPeople caring for someone who is suicidal 1300 659 467

If you are caring for a loved one who is at risk of suicide, you may feel that you yourself are under immense stress. The Suicide Call Back Service provides professional counselling and support to people who are caring for a loved one at risk and they can also provide you with practical strategies for managing both your well-being while also supporting your loved one.

People who are bereaved by suicide 1300 659 467

If you have been bereaved by suicide, you will find specialist, compassionate counsellors who can help you. You will have questions and emotions that you may struggle to deal with if a friend or loved one has taken their own life.If you are bereaved, the specialist counsellors can help you to work through your questions and emotions. No matter how long it has been since the suicide of your loved one, all people bereaved by suicide are encouraged to call the call back service.

How does the call back service work? 1300 659 467

The Suicide Call Back Service provides immediate telephone counselling and support in a crisis. Additionally,  they can provide up to six further telephone counselling sessions with the same counsellor scheduled at times best suited to your needs.

There are always a myriad of emotions associated with suicide, and the service offers professional counsellors who have specialist skills and experience working with suicide related issues. They will assist you to work through your emotions, help you with goal planning, ensure your safety and help you to find local services.

All information gathered during contact with Suicide Call Back Service is a Health Record that is recorded and stored securely and may be used for quality and training purposes.

Would you like to find out more?

You can call the Suicide Call Back Service seven days a week, twenty four hours a day from anywhere in Australia. You can also register for their online counselling. If you would like to find out more, you can call 1300 659 467 or check out their website here