There is Support After Suicide

Suicide Prevention and Support Western Sydney provides suicide bereavement support groups in Penrith and Richmond.

Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

Many feelings can emerge following the sudden and traumatic suicide of someone close to you: sadness, anger, guilt, fear, relief, confusion, rejection, and often a profound sense of aloneness and isolation. Many believe that only those who have gone through a similar experience can really understand the depth of emotions felt by family and friends.

Our suicide bereavement support groups enable those who have experienced the loss of someone through suicide to share, listen, grieve and receive mutual support.

Who Runs The Groups?

The groups are run by an experienced facilitator and at least one other co-facilitator

What Happens at a Group Meeting?

Meetings follow a simple format: our guidelines are read out at the beginning of each meeting. Introductions are made then we proceed with an open discussion. Sometimes people want to just sit and listen and other times it is important to share and discuss their experiences. The group is not a therapy or counselling group. The greatest help often comes through meeting and talking to others who have had a similar traumatic experience to your own.

Who Is Eligible?

The Suicide Bereavement Support Groups are open to anyone who has experienced the loss of someone they love through suicide. Anyone attending the groups are also welcome to bring along a support person, if that is helpful.

How long after the loss of a loved one before I should attend? This is not a question that we can answer for you. Some people find it helpful to talk to others soon after the death. Others find that they are not ready for months or even years. The important thing is that you feel free to attend when it’s comfortable for you.

Do I need to let someone know that I am coming? It is really helpful for us to hear from you when you first plan to come. It can also be very helpful for you to speak to us beforehand so that any questions can be answered and you ‘know someone’ before you arrive.

Are The Groups Suitable for Children?

No. The groups are recommended for people over the age of 18 years.

What Does it Cost?

There are no fees involved. We are a voluntary organisation run by the support of community grants and fundraising.

Who We Are

We are known as the Western Sydney Suicide Prevention and Support Network, incorporated in January 2009. Our network is made up of voluntary Health Professionals and community members.

The Penrith Suicide Bereavement Support Group was established in June 2009 and is run by an experienced facilitator. Shortly after the Richmond group was formed. Our aim is to provide support within a safe and confidential environment for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Where and when are our Suicide Bereavement Support Group Meetings?

Penrith: 2nd Wednesday each month 7-9pm

Richmond: last Wednesday of each month 7-9pm

For further details please call 0402 627 696